Kamis, 28 Januari 2010
Pixel poster Pertamina
Mencoba membuat poster menggunakan Pixel Art untuk pertama kali
Minggu, 24 Januari 2010
Becak..dedicated to "abang becak"
i think this is traditional transportation from indonesia
very few in Jakarta
Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

This is Jakarta!!

Kamis, 14 Januari 2010
Wayang hero from Amarta

Nakula and Sadewa twins and skillful with sword!

Arjuna the one very handsome and skillful with bow!

Srikandi wife of arjuna and skillful with bow!

Bima is father of gatot kaca..he have a bigger body than anyone

Gatot Kaca
the son of Bima and he is the undefeated hero!!only konta wijayanandu spear can kill him!

but i dont make yudhistira because i dont know much about him..

Yeah I'd say pixel art refers to images that stand on their own away from games. Imagine a painting only done in a more precise manner.

Sprites are more typically made out of pixels but could be vector graphics or even 3d models are still referred to as sprites sometimes I believe. Sprites would encompass things like Characters, enemies, items things you interact with. Background elements are classed as tiles.

Pixel art generally refers to both a stand alone image or a video game sprite though.

"In computer graphics, a sprite is a two-dimensional/three-dimensional image or animation that is integrated into a larger scene."

Therefore I would say sprite-art is defined as anything created with either the purpose of what's stated above or perhaps derived or inspired by it.

Pixel-art involves the use of pixels as a prime focus and element in the creation of a piece of creative work. I'd say. Sprite-art can be pixel-art, but not all sprite-art is pixel-art and not all pixel-art is sprite-art.

this all what i know about sprite art and pixel art
Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

When pixel art meet vector art

let me show you masterpiece of mine
in the left side is pixel of mine
and the right side is vector myfriend

3 weeks colaboration artworks
only for killing free time
thanks for your attantion


Gatot Kaca

Gatot Kaca

Pitagoras production

Pitagoras production

Indonesian robot

Indonesian robot

gatot kaca iometric

gatot kaca iometric

space invaaders

space invaaders
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